Animation Portfolio 



Software: After Effect, Tv Paint, Illustrator, Photoshop and Paper Animation

Software: Animate (Flash), Toon Boom Harmony. The visual effects are not from me.

Short Films

Short film I made for Script Sirens anthology series called 'Spectrum'.

Writer : @louiseosbourne
Animation: @billaultmorgane
Music: @katieellwood_music
Producers: Alexandra Taylor and Annabel Brightling
Executive Producer: @crybabykeff
Inspired by Artist: @eoinoconnorartist
Supported by @aceagrams

Explainer video commissioned by the University of Cambridge for the Creative Encounters program.

Animation: Morgane Billault
Research: Francesco Muia
Sound Design and Music: Dododo Studio
Voice over: Grahaeme Cowie

Jane Goodall from Billault Morgane on Vimeo. A short animation inspired by “Jane”, a documentary by Brett Morgen about Jane Goodall’s early research in Tanzania.

Inktober 2018 - TV Paint GIFs

Yada Yada - 5 Second Day film for Titmouse Inc - 2018
Animation on paper

Yodel - 5 Second Day film for Titmouse Inc - 2017
Animation on paper

Panther Territory - 5 Second Day film for Titmouse Inc - 2016
Animation on paper

Marcel - Graduation Film - Ecole Pivaut - 2011
Animation on paper

Animation Samples